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New reports about RETAIL in healthcare settings, specifically in hospitals
A  2017  U.S. Research Report
Part I: Health Care in the Retail Setting
explore the factors driving the increased presence of health care in retail properties
Part II: Retail in a Health Care Setting
study the location of retail facilities in medical settings, with a focus on hospitals

MidYear 2016 Houston Healthcare Market Research

Lisa Bridges Director of Market Research | Houston
Healthcare Trends Commentary by Beth H. Young
Colliers International, Houston

Healthcare systems continue to expand into the suburbs as population grows. At least two facts come together to make a very healthy medical real estate market:
(1) Houston leads the nation in population growth, and
 (2) the Accountable Care Act requires health care providers to improve care while reducing expenses.
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NEW 2017 Healthcare Market Report

by:  Colliers International

Key Takeaways
> Vacancy: Strong demand for MOBs pushed the national vacancy rate to an all-time low of 7.4% at year-end 2016.
> Absorption: MOB net absorption increased by 25% in 2016 from 18.1 million square feet to 22.7 million square feet - ”the highest annual total since 2008.
> Rents: Full service gross (FSG) MOB rents rose by 8% in 2016 to a national average of $24 per square foot.
> Construction: Following 14.6 million square feet
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Read about:
 How to Sell a Medical Building and Lease It Back

Forecast 2016
Healthcare Real Estate Trends

by:  Beth Young
Colliers International, Houston

Many 2016 healthcare trends will continue from 2015; but some trends will be more noticeable. Overall, medical providers want to be more accessible to patients, provide better care and lower expenses. For real estate investors who focus on healthcare properties, here’s a list of what you may expect: cost cutting - or even
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Update on the MOB Investment Market - Q3 2016

By Beth Young
Colliers International   |   Healthcare Services Group

It is a sellers' market. Capital is priced well.  TEITs are trading aggressively.  Buyers must work throuhg challenges like amortized TIs (tenant improvements), shorter term leases, non-credit tenants, etc.
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“Leasing medical office space: Negotiate for long term but plan for change”

by:  Gerald H. Morganstern, JD

As medical practices move to traditional retail and office spaces, and as urgent care centers continue to grow, understanding the complexities of lease arrangements and spelling out the needs of a busy and changing medical practice take on even greater financial importance for physicians.   (Includes a Lease negotiation checklist)   Read More    

“Subleasing Space May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered”

by:  Beth Young
Colliers International, Houston

During market downturns, mergers and acquisitions, and cost cutting - or even an early retirement - many tenants find that they have more office space than they need. Although this applies to tenants in multiple categories, I recently met with doctors who had opened more offices around a big city than they could maintain... Read More

6 Reasons Renting Medical Office Space May be Better Than Buying

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