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Did you know that your patients want you to have a website?

A medical practice website is a powerful tool.
It allows doctors to attract new patients, educate patients, and increase office efficiency.

Consider the value of having an online presence.

Health Care Information and the Internet

  • Physicians and patients want medical information they can trust.
  • More people are searching for reliable online health care information.
  • Many people use the Internet to find physicians.
  • Well-informed patients improve physician-patient interaction.

An Online Education Tool

  • Comprehensive information about conditions, including treatment options
  • Monitored links to trustworthy support organizations

An Office Management Tool

  • A physician website improves office efficiency by providing general information and answers to routine questions.
  • Staff biographies and credentials
  • Office hours
  • Maps with directions to office locations
  • Printable patient forms
  • Links to insurance providers
  • Information about what patients should bring on their first visit
  • List of services and areas of specialization

PVG Marketing  for more information about your Doctors' Web
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Enhance your Medical Practice with a Professional, Patient-Friendly Website

The P V  Group
Creating Professional Web Sites for Medical Professionals

Did you know that many medical practices lose more patients than they retain.  The #1 reason patients leave is because they felt a feeling of indifference from their provider. They felt that their doctor and/or their staff really didn't care about their situation.
How do your patients feel about you? Hopefully, they feel pretty good, but to ensure that good feeling, give them a way to know you, see you, and hear from you aside from their brief, occasional visits  to your office.

With your own website, you can communicate with your patients 24 / 7.  You can also attract new patients.

PVG Marketing can  create a professional, affordable, HIPAA Conpliant website to help you maintain a caring relationship with your patients.

It can range from a professional web-brochure of your services, news, and office activities, to a more extensive web experience.

2 packages to choose from:

  • Start-Up Package - We create and publish your website - $750
  • Complete Package - We create, publish, and maintain (edit) your website - $750 plus a monthly maintenance retainer of $500

How to GET STARTED:  Simply complete the form below and we will contact you with more information on publishing your new website.

WHO OWNS THE DOMAIN & CONTENT? You own the domain name and content of the site.

WHO MAKES THE EDITS? We can maintain and edit the site on a monthly basis.

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